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Magazine advertisers know that their money is well spent when a customer comes in with magazine in hand, folded to their advertisement, saying, “I want one just like that!” There’s something unique about the power of magazine advertising. The buyer doesn’t have to turn it on to hear it or see it. They can take it anywhere with them. There’s plenty of room to convey a lot of information, including setting a mood with brilliant 4-color or subtle black & white photography.

The drawbacks of magazine advertising are that it can be fairly expensive, and if a campaign is poorly conceived or executed, the results can be disappointing. At the same time, magazine advertising enhances buyers’ impressions about suppliers, leveling the playing field for companies of all sizes. Small and mid-size businesses can reduce magazine ad costs by purchasing less than a full page ad.

Magazine advertising's major benefit to businesses is its ability to display higher quality images, represented with full color and gloss, which allow a clearer picture of your product, giving the public a better idea of your company. In addition, many magazines target a specific demographic, such as people who belong to a certain trade or of a certain age group. By advertising in magazines within your industry, you are almost guaranteed to reach your intended audience.

There are a multitude of excellent magazine advertising opportunities in the Roaring Fork and Vail valleys, including summer tourism guides, home buyer guides, high-profile community lifestyle magazines, and even magazines targeted to philanthropists. Our relationships with professional photographers, graphic artists, and copywriters can assure you a professionally produced magazine campaign that will catch the reader’s eye. We’ll research all the Aspen, Glenwood Springs, Vail, Carbondale, and Rifle publications to make sure that your ad budget is closely targeted and well spent.

Benefits of Magazine Advertising

Target a Dedicated Market
Local magazines serve as an important hub where locals learn about their surroundings and events they might like to get involved in.

Nothing Beats that Hands On Experience
Magazine readers really take their time and linger when reading print, fully interacting with the content, including the ads inside.

Your Ad Will Stand Out
Many advertisers have migrated their marketing budgets online where they vie for consumer attention in a sea of other digital ads. This is great news because it means your local magazine ad has far less competition and will stand out from the crowd.

A Longer Shelf Life
While digital ads come and go, print ads have staying power. A magazine left in a doctor’s office will be read by countless patients for many months, and your ad can be seen by a majority of them.

Brand Recognition
When you advertise in a reputable local magazine, people instantly become familiar with your company.

Local magazines are highly valued and respected publications that build a sense of community among local consumers. Advertisers can greatly benefit from this credibility when their ads are viewed not as ads but as recommendations from a trusted source.