The “Uber-Fixation” of Society

The “Uber-fixation” of society has made it possible to fulfill human desires with ease and convenience. It’s also enabled consumers to be more fickle and to brand-switch near-instantly when they have a poor user experience. The consumer now has an unprecedented amount of control. What does this all mean for ad-supported radio? Interruptive advertising models [...]

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Intrusive Proactive Radio

There are basically two types of media: intrusive or proactive, and passive or reactive. Radio falls into the intrusive/proactive category. Intrusive media reach and influence audiences as they go about their daily activities. Only intrusive media can reach and influence audiences to establish a brand and preference for a business before customers have identified a need for that business. Passive or reactive [...]

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Copy Writing Matters

The path between a great idea and a great radio broadcast commercial is paved with excellent copy writing. Unfortunately, often times and at no fault of the copy writer, the message gets obscured because of the too-many-cooks principle. If it was up to copy writers alone all commercials would be divine inspirations that communicate an idea clearly and effectively. [...]

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